Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino, California

Mary Ann Andel

Mary Ann and her family moved to Alta Loma from Cleveland, Ohio in 1979 and became members of St. Peter & St. Paul Parish because it resembled their previous parish, which was a vibrant and active Christian community with a variety of ministries and activities for young families.

In 1983 she completed catechetical formation to serve as a Master Catechist in our diocese of San Bernardino. Having been totally educated in Catholic Schools from kindergarten through several years of Graduate level theological studies, she has been well-formed in a knowledge and understanding of our Catholic Faith in order to teach in several different diocesan programs, including the Straling Leadership Institute, the Parish Ministers Formation Program, and the Catechesis Specialization. She is also an Advocate trained to work with annulments for our diocese.

She served as the parish Director of Religious Education at Sacred Heart Parish in Rancho Cucamonga for almost 25 years, a position through which she was able to continue her passion for Adult Faith Formation by coordinating the RCIA process, Adult Confirmation classes, and parent faith formation, along with directing the program for religious and faith formation of children and youth.

For the past several years, Mary Ann has been serving as Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation back here in her home parish through facilitating various Scripture Studies and coordinating and teaching in the Adult Confirmation program. It has been a humbling, rewarding, and exciting experience for her to be the catalyst and facilitator for helping adults in our parish to come to a deeper level of understanding of our Catholic Faith and making that faith living and active in their lives and families. This experience of working with so many faith-filled parishioners has also helped her own growth in faith. It has been an opportunity to learn from each other.